Launch of the Trademate Podcast

The Trademate Sports Podcast on Podbean

The Trademate Sports Podcast on Podbean

You can now tune into the Trademate Podcast on Itunes. It is suited for those of you who prefer to listen to audio when you are traveling, driving or walking instead of sitting down to watch a 30 min video. You can also find it at Podbean if you are on your computer.

Currently, we have uploaded the entire first episode (40min) where Jonas and Marius discuss important betting topics that beginners should know about. This will also be posted on the Youtube channel in smaller video episodes between 2-5 min. Going forward we will post the audio of video content we make on our Podcast. With the exception of content that is very visual such as the TradingEurope series where we look at stats inside Trademate. We will also look to create exclusive content for the podcast to fully utilize the strengths of this medium. 


Team Trademate