"It's a weekend job". - Jonas Gjelstad - Professional Sports Bettor pt. 4

I realized that when you start just blaming everything on being unlucky but when you have no clue actually what you're doing, it's probably not just being an unlucky run.

Weekends are when I really get my work done.

I wake up between 10:00 and 11:00 in the morning and I go to bed at 5:00 at night.

I sleep for five hours and I do the same the next day. I'm absolutely exhausted after every weekend sitting in front of my computer that much.

By looking at my stats, one can see the number of bets and my turnover for every single day of the week, and my highest volume is on the weekend.

The relationship is crazy, what I'm betting on average four days of the week is what I can put in on any given Saturday or Sunday.

I think it's important to really try to force yourself to work as much as possible during the weekends because Saturdays and Sundays tend to be the most profitable days of the week.

What I find really interesting is that I've been actually losing on Wednesdays and Thursdays over one and a half years.

Nonetheless, it could be variants or it could very well be that in some specific leagues, I'm not doing so well.

That's something I can actually look closely to and maybe see if I can do anything different and try to break down what I’m doing different from these days to the other days.

I've had days where I've lost over $250,000. I've also had losing months, but I've never had a losing year. I think that is just due to hard work and dedication.

Anyone who wants to be successful in sports trading can actually do this.

So even though I do consider myself very fortunate to be in the position I’m in right now, I also think it's also thanks to the way I've been working.

I haven't been slacking around. My friends have been going out drinking three, four times a week whereas I’ve been staying at home and working hard.

I guess that's the difference.

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