"Starting over again with only £1,000" - Jonas Gjelstad - Professional Sports Bettor Pt. 6

If I lost all of my money and had a thousand pounds now, I'd be kind of sad,but I think I can make it back up.

I did some simulations, and I was running at about 3.5 ROI. With 1,000 pound, you can spread the risk pretty well and I think you could do it safely. So realistically, you could then run on EV which is 3.5 percents and if you turn your bankroll 16 times every month, that means you would be making about 73% of your roll every month. This will obviously take a lot of work but this is how you can get it done.

So if you could play that out, you will be making like 730 pounds the first month, and then next month, you will be making almost 1,300 pounds. And when you play it out throughout the year, you would turn 1k in 140 K. And that's just betting ten months of the year because you take the summer off. Summers are normally off for sports bettors since there's not always so much action on every summer. There's sometimes Euros or World Cup but that’s not always the case, and since you need to work hard the rest of the year, you could take a break.

All in all, I think it could be done by just putting in volume and realistically speaking, starting with 1000, I think you could turn over your bankroll 16 times every month and up until 140K, which you would have after ten months should be doable.

Actually, It would almost be funny to do a challenge like that.



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