"The truth the bookmakers don't want you to know"- Jonas Gjelstad - Professional Sports Bettor pt. 5

Bookmakers are basically funding a lot of PR today and because of that, a lot of people don't want to share what we are doing in Trademate Sports.

Bookmakers are bribing them away in by sharing the loot. So a bookmaker, for example, makes an agreement with an independent third party to write this article about one of their punchers who made this bet and won this much. Then, they put up some banners about the bookmaker and for everyone who clicks on it, the writer will get between 20 to 50 percent of the revenue they're making off of that guy.

So, it is not in their best interest to educate people and tell their readers about how much people are actually losing on sports betting, how much they benefit from this, and basically what's going on.

Some bookmakers and their affiliates are going to use as part of their advertising things like “oh look at this crazy puncher, he bet 140 pounds and he made 60,000 pounds”. But I think “Well okay, look at this 140,000 others who did the exact same thing and they lost.”

I mean, when you have this type of bet, I know for a fact like the chances of him winning 60,000 it's probably less than one in a million. And then, when they do that, everyone is going to try to do the same. I mean, If that were true, I want to do that as well. I want to invest one pound and get 60,000 pounds back! Oh man, that's great!. But that's not how things work.

It's so hard for someone like me to come up and spread my philosophy. What we are doing is actually working in the long term and I show that over our stats.

Over the past years, our customers have been betting for 54 million dollars and they've been profiting 1.6 million dollars over 360,000 bets.

One cannot come and tell us “Oh, that's just them being lucky”. When we are talking about such high volume as over 360,000 bets, it cannot be luck.

And why it's not everyone telling how you can beat the system? Because they are getting paid for people not knowing how to beat the system. That's what's not right at all and I really want to change that.

That's why I think that sharing what I'm doing is really important. If people also start sharing what they're doing and their experience with our offering, I know for a fact that we can actually change the bookmaking industry and we can make a lot of money while we do it.

If you want to have a set odds that's like stable and the same for everyone, you got to take on the consequences. If bookmakers are getting 10,000 guys betting the same bet and if they're not able to or willing to do that, then they should change the system.

What they are offering right now is not fair. For example, is it known that if you are a winning player, you will end up being kicked out for actually betting on what you think is profitable.

One of my biggest recommendations to the industry would be to start using dynamic odds.

Dynamic odds are readjustments; once bookmakers start getting bets on one line, the odds on that line will decrease, and hence increase on the other line, which I think is a better and more fair possibility. Nonetheless, most bookmakers still offer stable odds instead of a dynamic odds.

I want things to be fair and I know some bookmakers I've been speaking with are saying that they are looking to get to that point in the long-term, which I find amazing. Thumbs up to them.



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