A 96,7% Closing Edge and Sports Trading Results || TradingEurope Episode 14

Live sports betting and trading on the European bookmakers with Marius from Trademate.

In this episode, I review my stats and talk about my trades for the day, including a 96.7% closing edge! One of my top 3 highest edges ever. I'm using Trademate Pro (http://tradematesports.com/pro). 


  • 0 min: Intro. 
  • 0.18 min: Overall stats
  • 3.00 min: Results from the last 2 weeks of sports trading. 
  • 4.37 min: Trades of the day. 
  • 10.25 min: 96.7% Closing Edge!
  • 13.50 min: A note on baseball
  • 14.30 min: A live trade