Talking City vs Liverpool & Trades of the Week || TradingEurope Episode 10

Live sports betting and trading on the European bookmakers with Marius from Trademate using the Pro product version ( 


  • 0 min: My overall stats
  • 1.30 min: Some of the games I got on this weekend + a talk about City — Liverpool. Plus an awesome trade on Celta Vigo. 
  • 7.30 min: How stake sizing is Flat ROI vs Actual ROI
  • 8.20 min: Some of my best trades in the past week
  • 9 min: Crazy closing on Birmingham - Newcastle
  • 10.10 min: Live trading
  • 11 min: Which trade to choose when there multiple to choose from
  • 13 min: Having a look at today’s game + Looking over some of the edges that I got on today. AGF Aarhus game has moved in my favor.
  • 17.30 min: You can now listen to the Trademate podcast on itunes / android with the full episode of our beginners series being live (42 min) of Jonas and me talking betting.
  • 19 min: Latest article 10 steps to improve your betting. Summary of the content we’ve put out on TM + some new stuff and resources.
  • 20 min: Remaining schedule of the day
  • 21 min: Check out my bets for the week in my weekly blog update.