The Trademate Bot - Summer months

 Trademate Bot Preset

Trademate Bot Preset

As some of you might have noticed we recently restarted (30th of August) the stats of the Trademate bot on the landing page. We did this as the bot was “betting out of control”, basically it did too good to be realistic. The bot does not actually place the bets at the bookmakers, but registers trades that show up in Trademate that falls within its presets as specified on the bot page. So the numbers were real, but the problem was that it started to register bets with several thousand dollars on smaller games, which would not have been possible to do in reality. Therefore we decided to reset it. With time, were sure it will perform well with time. 

So we are writing this short post to give you a little better insight to the bot. As mentioned on the front page the bot is only a simulation of what results you could expect if you place the trades we suggest.

 Trademate Bot Graph

Trademate Bot Graph

Within Trademate you can sort the leagues you can bet on into two groups, recommended leagues and all leagues. Recommended leagues only contain the biggest leagues from each country and sport, this is for the user who doesn't want to get limited quickly as it's easier to stay under the radar when you bet on bigger leagues. You can read more about staying under the rader here. Because the bot is only a simulation we let it run on all leagues. It also placed bets on all our supported sports except tennis, as this has a tendency to create high variance especially on the smaller leagues.

Another step we have done to reduce the variance both for our users and for the bot is the staking strategy known as Kelly’s criterion(link to wiki page). The kelly criterion can have a tendency to be too aggressive that’s why we offer to place bets at both 30 and 50% of what the Kelly recommends. The bot itself places bets at 50%. Below are the stats from the previous bot before we stopped it.

Every day there are several hundred games being played and each game can have more than a hundred lines so each day at Trademate there can be hundreds to thousands of trades spread across all our bookmakers and getting them all will be impossible. This is the bot and you should use the presets in Trademate to sort out which trades you want to see.

 Trademate Bot stats

Trademate Bot stats

Rebrand / Relaunch / New Products

Hello everyone,

You may have noticed that things have gone a little quiet at Edgebet HQ for the past 3 months. The reason for lull in communication, is that we’ve been in full product development mode. The summer has come and gone and we’ve barely left the office, the reason for this is simple; we felt we could be building better and more advanced products for you guys.

Our goal was to broaden our product offerings to cater to a wide range of demographics, from the recreational gambler all the way to the professionals. Helping each demographic find relative value and begin to bet profitably and exploitatively. We are accustom to working with professional poker players, semi/pro sports bettors and day traders. This demographic understands us and we understand them. We thought given the popularity of sports betting in the greater public, we could market our products to the “recreational gambler” or the “punter” as they’re often referred to. After spending time with a solid sample size of recreational gamblers, we learnt very quickly that this demographic was going to be extremely difficult to market to. It became evident that this demographic prefer to gamble for entertainments sake and are not interested in identifying value and betting exploitatively. We decided to pivot and move away from the recreational space and double down our efforts on the demographic we feel are most comfortable with our technology and the value we provide.

Edgebet in it’s current form has a limited product life cycle and value proposition. Eventually our users will be limited from all the soft books we offer and their value proposition for using Edgebet will diminish entirely. These 35 soft books represent substantial value and feasibly there is an 18 - 24 month product life cycle, until one is limited from all bookmakers offered on Edgebet. 

While Edgebet represents a high earning potential opportunity, the limited life cycle of the product means this opportunity is finite. For sustained longevity of our business and a value proposition for our customers, it is imperative for our company to offer a product that provides sustainable earning potential, without the danger of our customers becoming limited or banned for being a winning player. 

Introducing Trademate Pro

Introducing Trademate Pro. Trademate Pro is designed to give our users an edge, even in the toughest exchange and sharp markets. By integrating the in-depth analytics “Constructive analysis” tool, Trademate Pro is designed to give you the freedom to analyse your previous trading activity and optimise your future performance. With this in mind, we have implemented a metric we refer to as “closing line EV (Expected Value)”, this means in the constructive analysis tool you will now see your EV at the time you placed the bet, as well as the EV at the time the game started. This allows you to not only optimise your selections, but also the timing of your bets. The idea behind the constructive analysis tool was to give our users the freedom to analysis and draw conclusions from their own performance and create "Tradefeed" models based on this analysis. 

To compliment the constructive analysis tool, we have implemented multiple Tradefeed options, this allows you to create many Tradefeeds which include preset options consisting of an edge range, odds range, a set of bookmakers and amount of hours before the game and options to tailor what games you see based on your current action on the game. 

All Pro customers will receive graph analysis sessions with the Trademate team and one on one coaching to get familiar with the new product and how to utilise it to it’s maximum potential. Trademate Pro customers will have access to all exchange and sharp books, as well as the soft books. Making this our most holistic product to date.

Trademate Core

Our second announcement is the product offering “Trademate Core”. Trademate Core is essentially a revamped “Edgebet Pro” with a few enhancements. Trademate Core customers will have access to all 35 “soft” bookmakers and the analytics formally used in Edgebet Pro. Trademate Core customers will now also have the ability to have a higher level of customisation for their Tradefeed, including all the same options offered in “Pro” multi-feed. Many of our Trademate Core users will take advantage of the “soft” books, before transitioning to the exchange and sharp markets.

And finally... What’s with the rebrand?

We felt the rebrand was in sync with the message at the heart of our company: our customers are not punters who are gambling for entertainment value, our customers are identifying value and trading in the sports betting markets with a significant edge. We felt it was important to make this message very clear and what better way than changing the name of the products? 

We hope you will enjoy the new products, the new look and the new experience! We’re ready to take on the toughest markets in the world with you.