what is it like to be a professional sports bettor?

Here you will find different articles and videos about the life of a Professional Sports Bettor. You will find tips on how to win on betting by real life Professional Sports Bettor. We divide this section into 3 parts:

  1. 10 People Who Got Rich from Sports Betting. An article series which covers 10 people who made their fortune from betting on sports including the likes of Matthew Benham, Tony Bloom and more.

  2. Jonas Gjelstad Stories. Articles and videos about the life of professional sports bettor, poker player and Trademate founder Jonas Gjelstad. A video documentary series where Jonas shares his views on the most important aspects of sports betting.

  3. Interviews. An interview with the young Norwegian Matias, and his journey of increasing his bankroll from $5000 to $20 000 and becoming a professional sports bettor.

  4. Betting Stories. Consists of Betting Stories we know, mostly about our CEO Marius and founder Jonas Gjelstad.


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