Essential tools and resources for sports traders and bettors

This post is a summary of tools and resources that can help you improve as a sports trader.



Oddsportal is a free service that allows you to compare the odds offered by different bookmakers in one place. They also have a surebet (arbitrage) and some other nice to have tools.


Flashscore is another free service that is great for keeping track of the score on the trades that you have placed and for checking the results. They also have an app and if you create a user, you can get notifications whenever there is a goal in a game you want to follow.

Odds Converters

Using an odds converter enables you to quickly see the relationship between decimal, American, fraction odds and implied probability. 


Betting brokerages enables you to place trades at the sharp bookmaker’s with one account. It reduces the hassle of managing multiple accounts in addition to increasing the speed with which you are able to execute trades. At Trademate we are currently using Sportmarket as a brokerage to perform our betting in at the sharp bookmakers. Other brokerages include AsianConnect and PremiumTradings. 




In addition to being one of the bookmaker's with the highest liquidity and payout rate, Pinnacle has some great educational content on a range of topics that are important for sports traders. We have included some of our favorites below:




Developing prediction models



Tony Bloom and Starlizzard - One of the world's most profitable sports traders. 


A stats centered blog run by Nate Silver that covers American sports. Nate is known for his predictions on Baseball and past US elections. 


Trademate’s youtube channel where we trade live in the European betting markets and discuss key topics in sports trading.

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