What is a European Handicap? | Sports Betting For Beginners

If you haven't read our article on the Asian handicap: Please do it.

European handicap is almost the same, but with one clear distinction. With the European, draws are possible, and they result in you losing your bet. 

Take a simple example where you place a bet on Tottenham at -1, and they win 1-0. With Asian handicap, you get your money back. With European, your bet is lost.

From a larger perspective, both handicaps are two sides of the same coin. For any given full goal European handicap, the corresponding half goal Asian handicap functions exactly the same way.

To illustrate, consider the following scenarios:

European and Asian handicaps table

As the table suggests, the outcome of a bet is the same for Asian handicap +-0.5 and European +-1. Therefore, it really doesn't matter which one you choose.

Note, however, that this is not true for the opposite case (i.e. Asian 1 is not equal to European 0.5).

The reason is that a full goal Asian handicap allows your stack to be returned in case of a draw, which is not possible with the European regardless of outcome.

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