6 tips on how to use Trademate as efficiently as possible

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Take 2 min to read 6 tips on how to get the most value for time spent with using Trademate:

1. When to bet

The most trades occur between 10am-3pm (UK time) on Saturdays and Sundays.

Next between 6-7.45pm on Tuesday-Thursday when the Champions League and Europa League is played.

2. Bookies

Use 5 bookies at a time and start with the ones with the highest number of trades that also have search fields (ask us for the list in the chat). 

3. Edges

When you have multiple edges in your feed, start with the most important preset, place all the trades at the bookie with the most of them first, sort the trades by stake size.

Then move on to the next bookie. You can read more about setting up your presets in this article

4. Edge time

We have added a feature that shows how long a trade has been an edge. To save time you can skip the ones that are red.

Use your experience with regards to which lines at certain bookies are outdated. E.g. I never look up asian handicaps at Comeon, but I do look up 1x2.

5. Be fast

Use a password manager (e.g. Lastpass) to save time when logging into bookies.

Also, use a tool like Spectacle for Mac to quickly shift and resize different browser windows. 

6. Keep yourself updated 

Set up mobile notifications for your most important preset.