The Ultimate Guide to Trademate Sports

The one guide to rule them all


This article will give you an overview of everything there is to know about using Trademate. This way you can read the parts you find interesting and skip the parts you already know.  


Why Trademate works in Theory & Practice

Why does Trademate work and how do we find value in sports betting markets

An explanation of the terms used in and related to Trademate

Practical use of Trademate

Tips, tricks and how to use Trademate 

What do our Customers have to say about Trademate?

  1. Core: Interview with Mathias

  2. Core & Pro: Interview with Miro

  3. Core: Interview with Martin

  4. Pro: Interview with Matias

  5. Pro: Interview with Airidas

Detailed explanation of Basic Concepts

Different types of Odds:

Useful Tools and Resources

Article: Essential tools and resources for sports traders and bettors

Detailed explanations of Key Concepts 

Maximising Lifetime Value and Avoiding Bookmaker Limitations