What is Asian Handicap? | Sports Betting For Beginners

Let's say Liverpool play against Leyton Orient in the FA Cup. Liverpool are clear favorites, and you are looking to place a bet on them to advance to the next round. However, when you find out that the odds on a home win is only 1.1, you are reconsidering your initial decision.

In games where there is a clear favorite, the odds might be unfavorable. Therefore, bookmakers offer a handicap in order to create desirable bets on both the favorite and the underdog.

In the example above, the odds book could look something like this:


Liverpool -1.5  (1.90)   |   Leyton Orient +1.5 (2.10)


When determining the outcome of your bet, 1.5 points will either be added to Leyton's score or subtracted from Liverpool's. If the final score turns out to be Liverpool 2-0 Leyton Orient, a bet placed on Liverpool will result in a win. If the final score is 1-0, the bet on Liverpool is lost.


Full, Half and Quarter Goal Handicaps:

The Asian handicap can be divided into three categories, depending on its value. The full goal handicap consists of only whole numbers, for example +1, +2 or +3. This means that a draw is still possible, and in this case, your stake will be returned.

The half goal handicap could look like +0.5, +1.5, +2.5 etc. This eliminates the possibility of a draw and reduces the number of possible outcomes from three to two.

The quarter goal handicap is nothing but a mix between the full and half goal handicaps. Let’s take an example of +1.25. In this case, your money is split in two: One-half goes to a bet with the handicap of +1. The other half goes to a bet of +1.5.

With the quarter goal handicap, your bet can end in more ways than two. Consider a handicap of either -0.25 or +0.25, and the following results:

Asian Handicap Table

Asian Handicap Table

You placed a bet on handicap +0.25, and the game ends in a draw. Half of your bet(placed on handicap 0) is lost, while the other half(placed on +0.5) is a win. This is known as a half win. In the opposite case where a handicap of -0.25 is followed by a draw, your bet would result in a half lose.

In another example, consider the handicaps of -0.75 and +0.75:

Asian Handicap Table

Asian Handicap Table

This time, the half win is achieved if you place a bet with handicap -0.75, and your team wins by 1 (The half on -1 is lost. The half on -0.5 is won). The half lose comes into play if you place a bet with handicap +0.75, and your team lose by 1 (Half on +1 is won, half on +0.5 is lost).


Do you know the different odds types? 

We have written articles explaining them: 

Increasing the value of soft bookmakers

Use multiple bookmakers

Using multiple bookies enables you to find more value bets

Using multiple bookies enables you to find more value bets

To maximise profits, you need to maintain a high turnover by placing many bets. When placing a high volume of bets, there are two ways of distributing that volume. One way is to use 1-3 bookmakers at any one time and placing bets on as many opportunities as you can, placing on all leagues, low percentage edges, and games that start more than a day ahead. Placing on low percentage edges and games that start far in the future will increase your variance. The optimal solution is to spread the volume throughout bookmakers, while only placing bets on the best opportunities on each book. For high volume traders, this can't be stressed enough. By using 5 or more bookmakers, you can consistently place on the best opportunities, whilst maintaining a high volume and a lower variance by placing on higher edges, games closer to game time, and stick to recommended leagues. By doing this, your account on each bookmaker will last a lot longer.

In our community, we've had users running through bookies, one by one. After signing up on a bookie, placing 200+ bets the first 24 hours, they're shut out, and that's that. Bookmakers are consistently trying to shut out winning players, and there are almost no losing players that put in that kind of volume, making you too easy to find and shut out.

I understand that signing up to many bookmakers and keeping track of the websites and money management is a bit tedious, but if you're here to make some serious money, it's definitely the way to go. Personally, I'm using a password manager called Dashlane to keep track of all the passwords in a secure way.

Goodluck and happy trading!

What are eWallets

If you already are using one or more bookmakers you have probably seen one or both of these logos.

Skrill and Neteller are the two biggest eWallets currently used by bookmakers. An eWallet is an online prepaid account. Very similar to PayPal in many ways, except it’s not directly connected to your credit or debit card. Some countries have restrictions on cards to their countries gambling laws(this does NOT mean that it is illegal) and have to open an eWallet account to use certain bookmakers. But even if you don’t have to open an account it is not a stupid idea to do so anyway. It is a really easy way to keep track all your money that is used for betting.  Most bookmakers also no transaction fee when using eWallets. If you want to spend some of your winnings you can order a Neteller debit card that is directly linked up to your account so you don’t need transfer the money back into your account.

When setting up an account with an eWallet they will at some point request a copy of your I.D to verify that it is, in fact, you using it. Don’t worry about this, they are very professional and neither us or any of our customers have had any problem with them.