What are eWallets and How to Use Them for Sports Betting

If you already are using one or more bookmakers you have probably seen one or both of these logos.

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How You Can Use eWallets for Deposits and Withdrawals to Bookmakers

Skrill and Neteller are the two biggest eWallets currently used by bookmakers. An eWallet is an online prepaid account. Very similar to PayPal in many ways, except it’s not directly connected to your credit or debit card. Some countries have restrictions on cards to their countries gambling laws(this does NOT mean that it is illegal) and have to open an eWallet account to use certain bookmakers. But even if you don’t have to open an account it is not a stupid idea to do so anyway. It is a really easy way to keep track all your money that is used for betting.  Most bookmakers also have no transaction fee when using eWallets. If you want to spend some of your winnings you can order a Neteller debit card that is directly linked up to your account so you don’t need transfer the money back into your account.

When setting up an account with an eWallet they will at some point request a copy of your I.D to verify that it is, in fact, you using it. Don’t worry about this, they are very professional and neither us or any of our customers have had any problem with them. 

The only downside with eWallets is that like all credit card companies they take a fee for the deposits and withdrawals you make from them. However, you can reduce your fees and save money by upgrading your status.

How to Reduce Your eWallet Fees

We have partnered up with eWallet-Optimizer. As a result we can offer you the opportunity to get upgraded to: 

  • Silver status for Neteller

  • Gold status for Ecopayz.

  • Easier upgrade requirements for Skrill

eWallets are good to use for deposits and withdrawals to the bookies, the downside are the fees they charge.

The benefits of having Neteller Silver status include decreased FX Fees, free money transfers and 1 additional currency as shown below.

neteller benefits.png

How to Reduce Your Fees if You Do Not Have an eWallet

If you do not have a Neteller/Skrill/Ecopayz account, you can sign up via the links below 

How to Reduce Your Fees if You Already have an eWallet

If you already have a Neteller/Skrill/Ecopayz account, click the eWallet-Optimizer button and fill out the form shown in the image below. Awesome if you can add “trademate” in the Partner Code field, but no pressure =)

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Disclosure: Note that we are an affiliate of eWallet-Optimizer and thus indirectly of Neteller, Skrill and Ecopayz. We usually don’t do these types of deals, but as we benefit from driving traffic to them and you benefit from saving money we figured it was a win-win.