Odds notations


When someone says they will give you 2-to-1 they are saying, I’m giving you an odds of two. If you have 2 in odds for Liverpool to win and they do your return will be your stake multiplied with the odds. This is known as decimal odds If you put $100 on Liverpool you will get $200 back, your initial $100 and $100 in winnings.

Different countries have different ways of displaying odds. The most common one is the decimal way explained above. In UK fractional are more common, it’s also common in horse racing. Fractional odds is shown as 4/1, this does that you will get $400 return on a $100 bet. You will get back a total of $500(including your stake). 4/1 is the equivalent of 5.00 in decimal odds.

Moneyline odds is given as a positive or negative number(also known as American odds). If the number is positive it’s quoting how much money that will be won on a $100 wager. If the number is negative it shows how much that need to be waged to win $100. 4/1 and 5.0 will be quoted as +400. ¼ or 1.2 will be quoted as -400

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Do you know the different odds types? 

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