All the proof you need that Trademate Sports is profitable

When thinking about starting a trial with Trademate Sports or continuing to trade for a long time, the most obvious question you ask yourself is: Is Trademate profitable? Over time we have released various videos and articles showing people’s experiences with Trademate Sports, along with hard-form statistics that prove the Trademate software is profitable. To make it easy for you to find this content, here is a list of every video series and article we’ve produced which proves Trademate is the best way to beat the sports betting market!

1) €4,2M: The profits made by Trademate Sports users

The community stats on our webpage had not been updating for a while. So we decided to fix it and get them updated. This showed that the overall community stats of the Trademate users from 01.01.2016 until 11.09.19 have yielded a total net profit of €4,2 million from 2,315,590 trades. Read more here.

2) Trademate user data proves more trades = more profit

We have conducted an analysis of all our customer data up to September 16, 2019. We analysed customers’ average ROI, profits, turnover and lots more based upon the number of trades they have placed. Here is what we thought were the most interesting and important statistics that came out of it. Read more here

3) Big Data Article & Video Stream

Marius takes you through a detailed breakdown of all the results from Trademate users, from which sports are successful to the best presets. The article was written in 2017. Since then we also did a big data stream video, with updated stats.

4) The Trademate Big Data Tool

After the Big Data Video Stream we decided to build a tool so that our users could examine the results of the Tradmate community themselves. Check out our tutorial on how to use the big data tool here, so you can see our most updated data with your own eyes. The Big Data tool is part of the Core + Analytics and Pro subscription packages.

5) Jonas Gjelstad Documentary Series

Follow professional sports bettor Jonas Gjelstad's journey, as he turned $10,000 into over $1,000,000 in 12 months using the Trademate software. See some of his other interviews here.

Alex has been tasked with the challenge of doubling $1,000 USD into $2,000 USD using the Trademate Sports software - a value betting tool which helps you beat the bookmakers. Watch his video series here.

7) Matias: $5k to $20k: The Journey to Become a Professional Sports Bettor

An interview with Matias, a Norwegian sports bettor who tells the story about his journey to become a professional. Matias started out playing poker, knowing little about sports betting. 1.5 years ago he started using Trademate Sports and now he has made a solid secondary income from sports betting and built his bankroll to more than $20k. Watch the video here.

8) Interviews with Trademate Sports Customers

Ever wondered what living the life of a sports trader would be like? Well look no further than our article series with interviews from six Trademate Sports customers, where they share some of their stories, along with a few tips and tricks! Read more here

9) Trademate’s Reviews from other betting platforms

You’re probably sick of us telling you all the great things about Trademate Sports! So here’s a chance to check out what some of the other betting platforms think about Trademate Sports, both good and bad! Read more here

10) The Trademate Sports Slack Community

Join our customer chat here to discuss betting and Trademate with other users of Trademate Sports.