Staying under the radar - the Trademate guide to avoid getting limited by the Soft books

The biggest struggle profitable bettors taking on the "soft" books have is not getting limited from them. We have put together a set of guidelines you can follow to extract even more value from the "soft" bookmakers.

Staying under the bookies radar

Staying under the bookies radar

Follow our recommended leagues

Trademate has a filter called recommended leagues. By selecting this, you'll only be presented with opportunities from the leagues with the highest betting limits. This includes Premier League, Primera Divisione, NBA, NFL and many more. These leagues are the ones that most people bet on - so it's easy to hide in the mass of all the non-profitable betters.

Bet whole amounts

Arbitrage betting is very usual in sports betting (A topic covered in this article) - so bookmakers look out for bet sizing out of the ordinary. Instead of placing the exact recommended kelly amount of $162, bet $160. The Kelly Criterion as a stake sizing strategy for bankroll management in sports betting has been covered in this article

Never cash out before you have to

Never cash out from a bookmaker before you're limited. Bookmakers are paying fees whenever you cash out, so that's an easy way for them to do a second look at your account. So you've tripled your bankroll in the past 3 weeks? Let's take an even closer look..

Don't push the max limits

Let's say you try to place a bet of $250 on a game. The bookmaker may tell you that you can only place $238 on the particular bet. Instead of putting the $238, bet 60-70% of the max stake, in this case $150.

Some bookmakers even give you the opportunity to automatically put the max limit of $238 and send the remaining $12 for manual clearance. Never do that. 

Add in some accumulators with a lower bet size. This will make you look more of a "recreational bettor" and its something bookmakers appreciate. Lower your bet size for these as the variance is higher.

One bet per game

Bookmakers place betting limits for a reason. The reason is usually that they're not really sure if their odds in a particular game are any good. If someone comes in and places bets on Over 198.5, Over 199.5, Over 200.5 and Over 201.5 - it's pretty clear that they're trying to get value. Bookmakers don't like that.

Also - placing more than one bet on a game has a great impact on your variance, but that's a whole other discussion, we'll touch upon in another blog post.

Make your first deposit small

Try to look like a hobby Sports bettor. Depositing $10,000 in a brand new account is an obvious way to tell bookmakers that you're trying to beat them.

Wanna be really clever? Throw in an accumulator once in a while.

In general you want to avoid accumulators as covered in this article. Bookmakers make most of their money from accumulators. Their margins increases for each bet in the accumulator. But matching different value bets will still give a positive expected value, however  it will increase your variance. So use it carefully. By doing this though, you look more like a non-profitable player to the bookmakers.

Nothing lasts forever

Unfortunately, by continuously placing profitable bets and beating the bookmakers - chances are they will limit you eventually. After all - they are losing money on you. 

However, by following these steps we are confident that your accounts will last longer, thus making more money from each and every soft book! And hey, once they're all used up, you can always transition to the Asian markets.

Remember if you have any questions, we're only an e-mail or message away. Good luck and happy betting!