What is a Soft Book?

So some of you might ask what is the soft book.

Now a soft book is a traditional bookmaker. Some soft bookmakers are Bet254, Unibet, William Hill's of this world. They're a bit more of position takers than they are book balancers.

What is a Soft book?

They just want punchers who just do it for entertainment purposes. Bettors that don't really think about the odds, people that are only betting on the teams that they support. And of course, player that are not concerned with getting a good value bet.

Now, because of this, the bookmakers can get away with offering odds that are too low compared to the actual probability of the outcome.

For instance, if actual probabilities of Manchester United winning is 50% or 2 in odds, they might only offer like 1.80 in odds while the sharper markets would be closer to 2.0 and maybe have like 1.90 or 1.95.

You get better value for money there. On the sharper markets, it's similar to the exchanges like that for a matchbook. You are to a large degree betting against other players rather than the bookmaker itself.



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