#2: What Is It Like Being a Sports Trader? — Interviews with Trademate Sports Customers

This is the second interview in our series of interviews with Trademate customers. Big thanks to Miro for sharing his answers!

Miro's got a pretty cool setup when he is using Trademate!

1.    What is your experience in sports trading?

I was interested in sports betting from the first time I heard about it as an investment. Before Trademate I bought tips from a tipster directly, but overall I just lost with them. The tips were full of accumulators and I had no clue about what I was doing. I Just followed them blindly. So I wouldn't call that a "sports trading" experience so far, but anyway I'm happy as well, because if I did not try them, I know that I would never have done much research on this topic, and I would never have found Trademate.


2.    Do you have any tips for newbies in sports trading?

A newbie should spend a lot of time with learning. I read all the articles in Trademate blog and also watched the videos on the Trademate YouTube channel several times.

Also good to have a conservative bankroll management, at the beginning if you want to have a stable profit without big swings, I recommend 30% Kelly sizing and no trades over 3.5 odds. (Trademate has written about the Kelly Criterion here).

And push the volume as well! I made 3k+ trades in 5 weeks.


3.    Are you betting the soft or the sharp books?

I'm betting on softs, to be honest, I'm just betting on 1 seriously now, because I was limited on most of them.


4.    What’s your bankroll?

I started with €1k, now I have €3,5k.


5.    How many trades do you register on average in a week?

Since I'm limited everywhere 2-300/ week I guess, but before that, I made around 200 trades on a single Saturday.


6.    What’s your average turnover in one week, a month?

This is also changed since I'm limited. But I can say that I made 56k turnover with 4,8% ROI in 5 weeks. 


7.    How many hours are you spending on sports trading in one week?

I spend around 40 hours. Of course, not all of it is spent trading, but I'm sitting at my computer doing my things and when I have a trade alert I place my bets.


8.    What’s your fund growth percentage?

1k to 3,5k so 350%


9.    Did you have bad runs? (What has been your biggest loss?)

Maybe it was 3-500€ a day. And I had a 1700 trade long breakeven. But as a poker player if I see my EV is going up I don't care. :)


10.    Why are you using Trademate Sports?

I use it as a professional investment tool. I don't really care about sports, I mean I rather like to do sports instead of watching them on TV.


11.    What do you like most about using Trademate Sports?

I love them because as a poker player it was really easy to migrate from poker to sports trading. Most of the concepts were already known to me.

The support is extremely great I always have quick responses. Because of poker, and now sports betting I've talked much with supporters, but I have never seen a staff like this. They are kind, fast, and effective. I also shared my experience with them, I gave some ideas for improving this amazing tool, and they were really open to it, which reminds me of that period when PokerStars developed their products for the regulars. User feedback is such a powerful tool especially for a new product so I really happy to help Trademate, and glad to see that they use it so efficiently!

By Miro - Trademate Sports Customer

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