#1: What Is It Like Being a Sports Trader? — Interviews with Trademate Sports Customers

We have interviewed a couple of our customers and will be posting the answers as an interview series over the next couple of weeks. Big thanks to Mathias for sharing his answers!

What is your experience in sports trading?

A regular weekend for sports traders

Before I started to use Trademate I was mostly following tipsters with a great record, thinking I was doing pretty well.

However, I quickly realized that I wasn't earning any money in the long run. Best case scenario I was running break even, with a few big wins every now and then. I also tried analyzing a few games myself, but I figured that I wasn't capable of beating the bookmakers doing that on my own, so I had to look elsewhere. 


Do you have any tips for newbies in sports trading?

It sounds boring, and everyone else says it as well, but you really should look at your results over time, not judge them by day to day, or even week to week. As soon as you do that, everything becomes much easier, and you won't be stressed if you lose a couple of trades in a row.


Are you betting the soft or the sharp books?

Currently softs only, but I'm considering to move over to the sharps over the summer. 


What’s your bankroll?

Around 90k NOK, which is just over 10k USD.


How many trades do you register on average in a week?

Between 150 and 200 in the last weeks, but I recon it's going to be lower over the next few months, with all major football leagues being finished for the season. 


What’s your average turnover in one week, a month?

The last two months I've managed to turnover between 500 and 600k NOK a month, which I'm quite happy about. 


How many hours are you spending on sports trading in one week?

It's hard to come up with an exact number, as I sit in front of a computer most of the day. I'm a full-time student, so whenever I'm studying I usually keep an eye open for trades. I would guess I use between 10 and 15 hours a week dedicated to only focusing on Trademate. Naturally most of the time is spent during the weekends. 


What’s your fund growth percentage?

534% on 5124 trades at the moment, which is an all-time high for my part. Therefore I'm expecting a downswing pretty soon, even though I'm still way below the closing EV.


Did you have bad runs? (What has been your biggest loss?)

Naturally I've had quite a few bad runs with over 5000 trades, but lately, I've been much better to minimize the variance with my presets, resulting in much fewer swings then earlier. 

The worst bad run using this algorithm came just before Trademate Sports changed name, and still was called Edgebet. I had built a nice bankroll, from only 10k NOK to approximately 30k nok when it happened. As I deleted the data when Trademate Sports relaunched, I don't have the opportunity to double-check, but if I remember correctly I lost 32 of 34 bets in a row, resulting in a huge downswing. Just when I thought the downswing was finally over, I took another big hit, resulting in a net loss of 50% of my bankroll. I had 15k left before it started to even out, and then I went over to Trademate.


Why are you using Trademate Sports?

As I'm a full-time student I don't have time for a regular job, at least not where I would earn some decent money, so I figured that if I could start earning money on my hobby, which I already used way to much time on, it would be a great combination. I tried quite a few different ways to earn money on betting before I found Trademate, but I quickly realized that this was the best way for me to earn money in the long run. 


What do you like most about using Trademate Sports?

Definitely the fact that you get an edge over the bookmakers over time. Even though you lose 10 trades in a row, you can check if the closing EV is positive, and if it is you know you will make money eventually. If there are any problems, you will always get great support from the team, usually within minutes. 

By Mathias - Trademate Customer

If you would like to share your experiences with using Trademate, let us know via the chat :) It is possible to share your experiences anonymously as well.