#5: What Is It Like Being a Sports Trader? — Interviews with Trademate Sports Customers

This is the 5th interview in our series of interviews with Trademate customers. Big thanks to Airidas for sharing his answers!

What is your experience in sports trading?

I have started half a year ago, still trying to figure out the optimal way to skin the cat.

Do you have any tips for newbies in sports trading?

I think beginners should start with tight presets and they can open them up more and more as they get more experienced. Also, watch every video available on Trademate Sports's site.

Are you betting the soft or the sharp books?


What’s your bankroll?

I don't want to share that information. 

How many trades do you register on average in a week?


What’s your average turnover in one week, a month?

I don't want to share that information. 

How many hours are you spending on sports trading in one week?

Around 40 hours.

What’s your fund growth percentage?

I don't want to share that information. 

Did you have bad runs? (What has been your biggest loss?)

Everybody experiences bad runs, well sooner or later. My biggest downswing was 70 buy-ins, but I managed to get through it pretty easy, because I use conservative bankroll management.

Why are you using Trademate Sports?

Navigation to potential good value spots.

What do you like most about using Trademate Sports?

Professional team and community, quality learning material.

By Airidas

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