Combining edges with betting tips

Bettingfamily was launched in the summer of 2017 as a small betting club in Denmark, but ever since, it has gained popularity. Today, it is a comprehensive community counting thousands of betting interested members.


The ambition is to produce profit month after month and making betting a good investment.

Bettingfamily understands what bettors want from a tip service. It’s not a friendly atmosphere, a place to have a little fun or even somewhere to waste a little time. They want high-quality tips, or more accurately, they want to win. And that’s exactly what Bettingfamily aims to achieve.

Bettingfamily connects leading and verified tipsters in various sports with users.

To help you understand Bettingfamily and how they find the best tips for you, we would run through a few of the key Bettingfamily features so your first bet has the best chance of being a winner!

1. Verified Tipsters

Only Tipsters who have passed their verification process and test-period are allowed to become a Tipster on Bettingfamily.

This means that their Tipsters not only has a good knowledge of what makes a winning bet, but also they ’ve provided various ID's and signed a contract.

They also follow their own tips, which means that if you lose, they also lose themselves.

2. Tipster Performance

This is an incredibly important section as it gives you all the information you need to know. You will find it under the Tipsters profile.

In this area, you can quickly understand a Tipster’s win rate, bet success history and, most important, their profit.

Be aware that it's not always the biggest profit that says the most. Not all Tipsters have been on the platform for a long time.

3. Tipster selection

Each tipster has its own strategy and sport. Some play with high stakes at low odds. Others play with low stakes at high odds.

We would recommend you to read about their strategy on their profilse to find one that suits your style.

4. How to get your tips

Many tipster services send out tips by email. Bettingfamily doesn't.

The problem with emailing tips is that the odds can change before you even get the emails.

Something that often happens because their Tipsters find odds with value.

Therefore, they have created an app where you can instantly get a notification when a tipster you follow has uploaded their bets.

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