How is it like to be an intern at Trademate Sports? Part 2

I spent my summer at Trademate Sports as an intern working with business, media, and front-end development.

Henrik, a summer intern at Trademate Sports

Henrik, a summer intern at Trademate Sports

The interesting aspect of working with a small business in the startup phase like Trademate Sports is that you get to see all the things required to make the business expand, and you learn that every day is a struggle for survival.

Also, being an intern here your tasks are crucial and in the core of the service Trademate Sports delivers - Your work really matters.

From a business perspective, you get to learn about the essence of running a company in different aspects - All the way from marketing to accounting.

Since this is a successful startup business you get to see what it takes to succeed as a startup and how to do so.

If you are interested in ever starting your own tech company this experience could get you a long way.

Spending a summer at Trademate Sports gives life experience that a formal education rarely gives.

Here we work in interdisciplinary teams and use the tools and methods that works best in practice instead of blindly following university courses.

You also have a lot of freedom when working at Trademate Sports. You can practically choose to work on what you believe to be important.

For instance, I found myself improving the webpage because I thought it could use an improvement to appear more professional and trustworthy.

This is unique to internships in startups and enables you to learn about and work with the things you find interesting.

Having worked with this team has been a real treat. The team is very social and we come along very nicely.

Having discussed most of topics imaginable during our somewhat long lunch breaks - I feel a bit smarter now.

Henrik Giske Fosse