How is it like to be an intern at Trademate Sports? Part 1

Edges and margins. Soft and sharp bookmakers. Value bets and closing lines.

In May, these were all fairly unknown concepts to me. Three months later, they’ve become second nature.

Suddenly, taking an extra five minutes in the morning isn’t only about making sure to catch the bus. It is about reducing variance.

Martin, an ex-intern at Trademate Sports

Martin, an ex-intern at Trademate Sports

And drafting a fantasy premier league team is certainly no longer about choosing players based on feelings. It is about making a statistical analysis of both present and potential future worth of different players, in order to identify value. It’s about finding an edge.

My name is Martin, and this summer I’ve been a business intern in Trademate Sports.

As a product, Trademate is all about finding edges, small advantages that in sum turn into large ones. T

he same concept is reflected in the mindset of those that work here, people who are constantly on the lookout for new ways to learn and improve.

Time is a scarce resource in a small company, and I’ve learned how to make the most of it.

Instead of contemplating details, I am now always asking the question of how to use my time in the best possible way, in order to create the most value from it.

I have gotten the chance to do a lot of different things. 

Over the course of the summer, I have assisted Marius in creating a marketing strategy and I’ve searched for new channels to reach potential customers.

I have written articles and I’ve gone through our web page in order to find potential improvements.

I have made Facebook Ads, email newsletters and social media content, not to mention an eBook. On top of that, I’ve been providing customer support whenever needed.

The to-do list has been a never ending story of new plans and ideas, so no two days are ever the same.


The most rewarding assignments are often the ones that you weren’t really assigned to.

It’s the ones where you identify opportunities to create or improve something, find your own approach, and are able to turn it into something valuable.

One of my favourite things about working in Trademate is having the freedom to do just that. The team is open to new perspectives and encourage initiative.

This allows us to try out our own ideas and make our own decisions, which in turn drives the motivation of performing well.

I have learned a lot during the past three months, most of which I’m definitely going to benefit from in my two last years as a student at NTNU.

Just by being at Startup Lab, I’ve been surrounded with interesting ideas in what is unquestionably one of the country’s most innovative environments.

Lunch breaks have been spent discussing new ideas and business opportunities, although admittedly, they’ve mostly been the subject of football transfer rumors, the entire content of Netflix, and particularly, whether or not Breaking Bad is overrated (It is).

In the end, I am truly pleased with my 11 weeks here in Trademate Sports. I feel like I’ve been able to contribute in a meaningful way and I am glad to look back at what is easily the most productive summer of my life.

One of my first tasks was writing an article for our blog, and as a perfect circle of life, it is only fitting that this is the last.  

Thanks, guys, it has been one hell of an edge.