How is it like being an intern at Trademate Sports? Part 4

“Work with something you take an interest in” – is something I’ve been advised every time someone has given me tips about where to work.

This is much easier said than done and won’t always be the case, but as it shows, it’s actually possible.

Sigurd, a summer intern at Trademate Sports in 2019.

Sigurd, a summer intern at Trademate Sports in 2019.

I have been interested in sports my whole life, and when I stumbled upon the ad for the marketing internship, it was an easy decision to apply for the position. Looking back at it, I’m very glad that I did exactly that.

From the very first day, the interns are put to work, and given the time and the freedom needed to complete various tasks. In the beginning, the tasks consisted mainly of writing articles for use at the blog, but in a matter of days you are introduced to new responsibilities.

This is partly why I always felt like it was fun to come to work, as I had tasks that I was very comfortable doing, but also had the challenges of new assignments on a daily basis. As the whole point of completing an internship is to learn, this was an essential part of my time at Trademate Sports.

As the days went by, more tasks were introduced, still including writing articles, but also focusing on customer-support, sending newsletters, organization of the blog, and systematizing the marketing- and media content for the company.  

Oh, and I forgot to mention; setting up a Fantasy Premier League team based on our own model and calculations is one of the assignments I had over the six weeks I was there. This gave me some new insight in understanding what players were going to succeed and how one could “read between the lines” of simple statistics.

Getting experience like this was crucial for me, as I previously hadn’t worked in an environment or in a job where the working-hours were consistent every day. It’s also important to gain some work-experience besides a formal education. In addition, I was educated from the inside of an industry and a product that most people won’t have the chance to, which was a great inclusion in the position.

Trademate has its offices at the Startup-lab at the campus of the University of Oslo, and is a part of a greatly innovative environment, which in itself is inspiring. As a part of Trademate you are always allowed to come with suggestions on new features and designs, which was an encouraging factor for me.

Not only was the work interesting and challenging, the social aspect of the internship was also great. The guys I worked with were very friendly, and had similar interests as myself. The lunches were filled with talk of the previous rounds in different football leagues around the world and transfer rumors. It was also interesting speaking with employees from other startups, whether they were from Norway or somewhere else.

Looking back at the internship, I couldn’t be more satisfied with where I worked, what industry I worked in, and the people I worked with.


Thanks for having me!