Review on Trademate Sports has been online since 2017 focusing on providing value betting tips to our members.

Those tips are verified through and

They cover football, basketball and tennis but you can, occasionally, find tips from other sports. also reviews professional betting services, and we are more than proud to have received a thorough review from them. Here’s a snapshot!

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Combining edges with betting tips

Bettingfamily was launched in the summer of 2017 as a small betting club in Denmark, but ever since, it has gained popularity. Today, it is a comprehensive community counting thousands of betting interested members.


The ambition is to produce profit month after month and making betting a good investment.

Bettingfamily understands what bettors want from a tip service. It’s not a friendly atmosphere, a place to have a little fun or even somewhere to waste a little time. They want high-quality tips, or more accurately, they want to win. And that’s exactly what Bettingfamily aims to achieve.

Bettingfamily connects leading and verified tipsters in various sports with users.

To help you understand Bettingfamily and how they find the best tips for you, we would run through a few of the key Bettingfamily features so your first bet has the best chance of being a winner!

1. Verified Tipsters

Only Tipsters who have passed their verification process and test-period are allowed to become a Tipster on Bettingfamily.

This means that their Tipsters not only has a good knowledge of what makes a winning bet, but also they ’ve provided various ID's and signed a contract.

They also follow their own tips, which means that if you lose, they also lose themselves.

2. Tipster Performance

This is an incredibly important section as it gives you all the information you need to know. You will find it under the Tipsters profile.

In this area, you can quickly understand a Tipster’s win rate, bet success history and, most important, their profit.

Be aware that it's not always the biggest profit that says the most. Not all Tipsters have been on the platform for a long time.

3. Tipster selection

Each tipster has its own strategy and sport. Some play with high stakes at low odds. Others play with low stakes at high odds.

We would recommend you to read about their strategy on their profilse to find one that suits your style.

4. How to get your tips

Many tipster services send out tips by email. Bettingfamily doesn't.

The problem with emailing tips is that the odds can change before you even get the emails.

Something that often happens because their Tipsters find odds with value.

Therefore, they have created an app where you can instantly get a notification when a tipster you follow has uploaded their bets.

Check out – and get a free month trial if you mention Trademate.

A Review of What You Get from Trademate Sports

Hi, my name is Jan. I´ve been using the Trademate Sports software for quite a while now.  

Today I want to do a review of the Trademate Sports product as I´m very convinced of the product and because I´m loving all the cool features the software has to offer.

In this review I don’t want to focus on all the numbers, facts and figures or how much money you can earn ­by using Trademate as this really depends on your bankroll and volume of trades. Plus, I think there´s a good review concerning this at churchofbetting.

In this review, I want to concentrate on the user interface in general and simply why I love using the TrademateSports software as a customer and as a sports trader. The software has many nice features I want to mention now because I really like them a lot.

First, I’ll cover how I started using Trademate. I´ve been into sports betting for some years now. In my first beginnings, I was the typical small stake, high odds accumulator bettor. I´ve put together bet slips with lots of teams hoping one weekend I´m going to win the jackpot. Of course, this didn´t happen. After some time of losing money, I tried a couple of different strategies, like progressive staking ones, but I wasn´t happy with all of them. One and a half years ago I began to study Business Informatics and I got more interested in statistical analysis and prediction models based on numbers and probability. One day I was watching some videos on Youtube and I came across the documentary series of Jonas Gjelstad. I was fascinated. Immediately after watching this I searched for Edgebet, which already had become TrademateSports. I was looking around a while and then I wanted to get more information about the value calculation and the software, so I registered.

What I think is one of the most important things to mention is the great customer support you get from the Trademate team. There are plenty of videos describing the software and the different plans you can buy. You can get help within minutes using the chat support and the team is even willing to do a short skype to show you around the software.

Cool Features

Going on with things concerning the purpose of the software there are several features I want to mention. The main screen of the software is your own dashboard. It gives you an overview of your balance, your fund growth, your number of trades, your profit, your open turnover and so on. I really like switching to the dashboard from time to time to have a look at how much money I have in play at the moment or to see how I´m performing at different bookmakers. But one of the coolest features of the dashboard is the overview of trades traded by the community. There always pops up a new community member´s trade. I really enjoy seeing what others bet on and how much they are staking and at which bookmaker they find value. It gives you the feeling of a big team, a community of sports traders, being transparent to each other, even though you don´t know whose trades you see. It´s just interesting to see that there are lots of different players with huge differences in stakes and in odds types interest. I have to add that I also really like the slack group every member can get into. It´s nice to see how energetic the community is, trying to help anybody who´s got a question or an issue concerning sports trading.


At the ´Tradefeed´ section of the software, you can edit your very own presets determining which kind of values you want to be shown.

Presets / filters

The Tradefeed is where all the games in which one can find value pop up and you can register the trades so it can be analyzed by the analytical part of the software.

What is good about it is that you can edit your personal presets (filters) to show the bets you are interested in. This means that you are not going to be shown every single value bet you´re not interested in because of the odds, league or something else. Most of the time when I´m getting up in the morning, coming home or when I´m just relaxing on the couch I open up my laptop and head to my ´Tradefeed´ to see if there are any interesting value bets.

The cool thing is that I can do other things at the same time. The ´Tradefeed´ section has some nice features that let your work with Trademate be very easy and unstressed. You don´t have to sit in front of the screen all the time and you don´t have to look on the ´Tradefeed´ for hours because it has the feature of playing a sound on a new trade. You can decide which presets should play a sound and which ones shouldn´t.

That´s some kind of having the feeling you are not working while you´re trading because you can do other things at the same time, like watching TV, surfing on other websites or whatever you want to do and you still get to see every single trade by just looking at your ´Tradefeed´ when you hear a sound.



There even are desktop notifications on new trades you can turn on or off.

Desktop notifications

Desktop notifications

Desktop notifications

Desktop notifications

All this makes trading with Trademate rather easy. You just head to the website, it shows you which team to bet on, you head to the bookmaker, place your bet, register it at Trademate and you´re done. You don´t have to do any further analysis. It´s like an insider knowing what is going on in each game, giving you the right information and in the long run, you´re making money. I always have to think of the “Sports Almanac” of the film “Back to the future” while working with Trademate. Of course, it´s not the same because the Trademate software is not going to tell you who will win in each game, but that´s not the aim in sports trading. The aim is to find value and this is what the software is doing in an admirable way.Of course, you have to consider that you must try to only place bets which are +EV (positive expected value), but if you manage to do that you will make money in the long run. And like I said, Trademate makes identifying these games so easy for you.

I think the whole software is just so user-friendly and I would assert that anyone can do sports trading using the Trademate software. Even if one is completely not into sports betting, into trading, into bookmakers or into sports at all.

I like the design of the website in general. It looks so clean, structured and organized. It gives me a feeling of trust into the whole product. For me, it definitely exudes reliability.


My trades - Keeping track of your results

Switching to the ´MyTrades´ section it´s good to see the odds, the edge and the closing line edge and the net return at a glance. I like it because you can look your last trades over in no time without having to click at every single trade first to see it.

Settled trades

Settled trades

Another feature I like is the possibility to search for certain trades like you can search for ´Premier League´ and you are going to be shown all trades you made on games in the Premier League.

Well, last but not least, what do I love working with the analytical part of the software? The analytical part is the big plus ofTrademate Pro. Heading to the ´Analytics` section you can see your expected value compared to your closing expected value and your average edge placed compared to the average closing edge at first sight.

Dashboard statistics

Dashboard statistics

What I like the most is that it´s not complicated to do an analysis of your trading performance. Again it´s the very user-friendly, nice structured and clean design which makes it super easy to get an overview of your performance and your statistics.

There is a chart showing your net return, your expected value based on the time you placed the trade and your expected value based on the closing line. For me, it´s a very nice feature that by running over one of the curves with your mouse it shows you every single bet that has the curve made go in a specific direction.

Stats and performance graph. Showing your profits, closing EV and EV based on the time the trade was placed.

Considering the ´Stats breakdown´ part I really like the straight comparison of the average true closing odds together with its probability of success and your hit rate. You can immediately see if you´re running lucky or bad at the moment because of course over time your hit rate should even out with the average true closing odds.

Closing odds and hit rate breakdown

Closing odds and hit rate breakdown

Analysis Tool

The heart of the ´Analytics` section is the customizable settings part. You can edit a personal analytic preset so that you can filter your results. The charts immediately adapt to your preset and you can go deep into analyzing your trades having all your statistics clearly arranged.

That´s my personal opinion of the Trademate Sports software. I hope I could show you which characteristics I love while working with it. Again in my eyes, the product makes it so extremely easy for you to place good value bets on the sports you love by having a very attractive user interface. Just form your own opinion of it by trying out the offered 7 Day Free Trial. It´s definitely worth it. 

I hope you enjoyed reading a personal opinion of a user of TrademateSports.

Goodbye and have fun trading.

- Jan

After I wrote this article the Trademate team reached out to me and offered me a freelance position at Trademate, where I will do some marketing, writing and customer support for Trademate. I really like this product, so being able to work with it is something I’m looking forward to!


A Real Customer's Experience of using DailyTrades - The Aussie Version of Trademate

Hello world. Today I begin my diary of sports trading using the Trademate come DailyTrades tool. For those having never heard of the product and wanting a quick lowdown, I recommend viewing this video and spending a period of time flicking through the various videos on Trademate’s Youtube channel.

A little on me first. For the purposes of avoiding bookie bans, my name won’t be provided on this format. I am an Australian who is currently researching performance analytics at an elite sports organisation. Around the age of 18, I begun to place bets and quickly became a losing, small stakes punter. Searching Twitter one day I came across Steve’s website and somewhat speedily became a member of the Value Selections portion of DailyProfit. Without limits at all bookies, the selections were essentially printing me money but over time I have slowly been banned at a growing percentage of the Aussie books. Since then my profits substantially decreased and recently many of the more well-known bookies have reduced the value of their offers. Generic story, but the base for where many like-minded, profit driven punters have ended up. Having received an email early February, I began to turn my punting focus to the edge bet. These blog entries will be the basis for me to analyse my week, provide detail of my failures and pitfalls and hopefully reach a satisfying profit number before the bookies take me down all over again! Without further ado, let’s get into the results!


Starting Balance: $2400
Bets Placed: 698
Turnover: $24,942
Total Profit/Loss: +$734.9

The Dailytrades dashboard gives you an overview of your stats.


As we can see, my first month of trading was up and down. This was largely due to the way I was taking plays, and a strategy alteration around the midway point (Bet 286 to be exact). The first 285 bets I placed utilising the 30% Kelly system. Since then I’ve altered my approach to the greater variance 50% system. This system comes with a caveat that I play every bet over $3 with the 30% system, and have a sliding scale for the bets placed over $2.75. My first learning process as a punter was provided by Trademate’s own Marius (a regular feature on the Trading Europe Youtube series). Marius is known for his preference to avoid variance, and thus trades with the 30% Kelly system. He alerted me to the fact that I shouldn’t be taking bets outside of a $4 range unless the edge is off the charts. From Bet 516 onwards I have not taken anything outside of the $4 range. Variance has been favourable since this point, but over the last 182 wagers placed I’ve profited $1063.

The beauty of this first month is that it has provided me with a relatively strong losing run. From Bet 222 to Bet 547, I went from a profit point of $835 to a loss of -$608. For the higher rollers, this may be a relatively average week and a half. For a small stakes bettor, this variance is another thing entirely. Understanding the reasoning behind the betting enabled me to bypass any concerns about the profit/loss figure. The variance was out of my favour and it was money that if worst came to worst, I was willing to part with. The other favour a downswing provides is a thorough review of what is and isn’t working for you. As previously detailed, for me it was the fact that I was taking every edge, regardless of whether the edge placed was a $10 longshot or a $1.20 favourite. Having identified this aspect of trading early, I now have an invaluable piece of knowledge at a minimal price.

As I’m sure you’re now aware after clicking on that aforementioned link, Edgebet have their very own ‘savant’. Jonas Gjelstad is a poker player turned sports better who came from a similar position of loser to winner, quickly turning $10,000 into a million after developing his own processes and utilising the Edgebet information on the sharp books (Asian market). As he so eloquently summarises, he has had a losing month but never a losing year. Variance is just one of the battles to overcome. From Bet 1 to Bet 698 much has been learnt and I’m sure the learning process will continue. I’ll keep you informed of how everything is tracking and the alterations I continue to adapt in the way of staking and in the way of how I take certain plays.

I hope you enjoyed the read and may the variance be on your side.