Top 10 Sports Betting Blogs To Read and Follow

The Trademate Sports Guide to the Top 10 Sports Betting Blogs to Read and Follow

The Trademate Sports Guide to the Top 10 Sports Betting Blogs to Read and Follow

There is a lot of bad information out there, and many sports betting blogs and tipsters are sponsored by bookmakers.

Because of their partners' interests, their intention is for readers not to win money since they make a living out of losers.

Therefore, Trademate Sports recommends their Top 10 Sports Betting Blogs, which we believe that actually deliver high quality information.

These blogs cover a great variety of topics such as sports betting strategies, odds calculators, bankroll management, value betting and so on.

We also share some of our favorite articles for each blog to help you improve your sports betting skills and knowledge.

Finally, we give you a guide to our own blog at Trademate Sports. 

Here, you will find everything from what value betting is to advanced topics such as how to manage your variance when sports betting.  

Top 10 Sports Betting Blogs To Read and Follow

  1. Pinnacle Sports

  2. Daily25

  3. Football Data

  4. Church of Betting

  5. Punter2Pro

  6. Caan Berry

  7. FiverThirthyEight

  8. Smart Sportstrader

  9. Greenallover

  10. Trademate Sports


1. Pinnacle Sports

They are the only blog run by bookmakers on our list and the only one worth following too.

For the record, we are not receiving any form of compensation from them.

Quite simply, Pinnacle Sports has to be considered one of the best if not the best blog online to increase your knowledge about sports betting.

Their blog covers a wide range of topics on everything from statistics, psychology to betting strategy from expert guest writers within each field.

Some of our favorite articles include:


2. Daily25

Steve from Daily25

Steve from Daily25

Here you can follow the journey of Steve, an Australian sports bettor as he makes a living from sports betting professionally.

He shares his results and stats as well as great educational articles to help you improve from some excellent guest writers.

Some of our favorite articles include:


3. Football Data by Joseph Buchdahl

Joseph Buchdahl, a Brit who writes both books and articles about sports betting.

He has written a lot of articles for Pinnacle over the years.

In addition he has an invaluable resource for any serious or professional sports bettor in his website

There you can find both historical odds datasets going back 10 years for all the major European football like the Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1 and many more.

It also contains a downloadable p-value calculator which you can use to determine whether your results are a matter of skill or luck.

You can also follow him at Twitter @12xpert .

Some of our favorite articles include:

His books include:


4. The Church of Betting

The Church of Betting

Nenko from the Church of etting is Bulgarian betting blogger and CSKA Sofia fan.

He writes educational articles and reviews of betting tools, including a review of Trademate Sports.

His articles cover topics such as value betting, arbitrage betting, esports betting as well as sports betting psychology.

Some of our favorite articles include:


5. Punter2Pro

Punter2Pro logo

Toby from Punter2Pro is a Brit who has the most comprehensive reviews of betting tools online Check out his Trademate Sports Review here.

In addition he a also writes educational articles on topics such as value betting, tipsters and practical advice such as how to get your money out of the bookies if they refuse to pay.

Some of our favorite articles include:


6. Caan Berry

Caan Berry, a brit and professional sports trader who runs the Youtube Channel with the same name.

He mainly focuses on sports trading on Betfair and has an excellent Youtube Channel.

He covers a wide range of topics related Betfair trading mixed with educational content such as how tipsters make money and how bookmakers limiting winning players.

Some of our favorite videos include:


Click the Photo to Start a 7 Day Free Trial of Trademate Sports

Click the Photo to Start a 7 Day Free Trial of Trademate Sports

7. FiveThirtyEight (538)

FiveThirtyEight is a blog created by statistician and author Nate Silver.

He initially started out by building a baseball model named PECOTA, which forecasted the career development of baseball players.

His rise to fame came from successfully predicting the outcome in 50/50 states in the 2012 US election.

He’s the author of the book: The Signal and the Noise: Why So Many Predictions Fail--but Some Don't .

Since then his company and blog 538 has grown and are now making predictions about various sports and elections.

We quite like their Premier League predictions, where they also have an exp goals model for each game to determine what would have been a fair score as well as a fair league table based on the expected goals model.

You can check out their predictions for the Premier League and all the other major European Competitions such as the Champions League, Europa League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, Ligue below.

As well as their general blog about sports, which is mainly focused on baseball.

However they also made World Cup predictions:

Check out the Premier League Predictions and their Blog below:


8. Smartsportstrader

Sports Betting Life

Sports Betting Life

Ryan, a Brit who runs Smartsportstrader.

His website is focused on how one can make money from sports betting and his own journey in doing so.

Using various tools and techniques. He also does reviews of various sports betting tools.

You can read his review about Trademate Sports here.

He does not focus on articles specifically, but does have some good guides on matched betting and arbitrage betting in addition to a video about tipsters:


9 Greenallover

Cassini a betfair sports trader.

One of the most active bloggers on sports betting, gambling, statistics, stocks, financial markets and much more.

Another thing we like is that he brings a solid dose of logic and skepticism. If you are interested in sports and statistics it is a must blog to read.

You can follow him on Twitter: @calciocassini

Some of our favorite articles include:


10. Trademate Sports

Jonas Gjelstad: Professional Sports Bettor, Poker Player and Trademate Sports Founder

Jonas Gjelstad: Professional Sports Bettor, Poker Player and Trademate Sports Founder

We are extremely proud of our own blog. 

We believe there is no other place online where you can find such a comprehensive overview of key sports betting knowledge and actionable advice to help you improve your betting skills.

Whether you are a casual sports bettor or a professional sports bettor, this guide and the overview below will help you navigate our blog to find the articles and videos that are most useful to you.

We have also summarized our content into 4 ebooks which you can download on our main website.

If you want to try Trademate Sports, a signaling tool for value bets, then you can get a free 7 Day Trial on our website.

We cover a wide arrange of topics such as:

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