Week 25: +$788. Results & Trades

This week yielded a profit of $788 as my run good continued. My avg. closing edge was 2.9% from 60 trades placed, so I am running way above EV. However it is only 2x my avg. flat ROI at 5.8% per trade, which is good, but not super rare. My avg. ROI on the other hand is at 25%. This massive difference between my flat and avg. ROI is down to stake sizing and indicates that my larger trades have gone extremely well combined with loosing smaller amounts on the trades I have lost. In my overall stats I have squeezed out a couple of extra % points of ROI thanks to my stake sizing following the Kelly Criterion, but I think this comes down to an extreme positive skew rather than skills. 

My overall stats

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My stats for Week 25

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My Trades of the Week